October 21, 2014

Field Notes:
Wow the 2014/2015 season is already in session!  The first couple groups have had great success!  The bird numbers look awesome and we have frantically been getting things ready for the next very busy months.  We have not done a very good job of keeping our hunters updated throughout the summer but for some very good reasons.  There has been a lot going on and just not enough time. To start with a new baby girl has arrived with Finlee Grace Haugan taking over as the youngest member of Team Broken Arrow. She is a sweety and hopefully some of the hunters will meet her this fall.  Secondly Julie has retired after 23 years of keeping me going in the right direction.  She has been the glue that held this operation together for all these years.  We will try to keep our hunters as organized as she has but we all know that ain't happening!

Thirdly Mom has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and has decided to forego treatment.  She is currently doing well but getting very weak.  She has been the cook, housekeeper and the "boss" ever since we opened the doors.  She would love to hear from any of our hunters.  Just drop us an email. 

With these issues and countless breakdowns this summer it has been a battle.  But everything looks good for one of our best seasons.  We have a busy calendar and look forward to the upcoming months.

 see you in the field soon,


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